Workbench SCHOOL4 with Metal Legs








Heavy-duty workbench, 95 mm work surface with 4 work positions. It comes with a heavy-duty vice Bench11 (see page 53). Due to its size and construction it is suitable for children and youth with its easily adaptable trestle. The rigid welded trestle is break-resistant, the legs are powder-coated. Bench surface is oiled and polished. The package includes 4 pairs of professional dural dogs Bench1-19, diameter of 19 mm.

Optionally you can order lefthanded version by adding letter „L“. For example L School 4/19.


Assembly instructions

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Working height

Worktop dimensions

Diameter of pins


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1680 x 1680 x 780 mm

780 mm

1500 x 1500 x 95 mm

19 mm

287 kg



1680 x 1680 x 695 mm

695-995 mm

1500 x 1500 x 95 mm

19 mm

287 kg


Workbench Accessories: Bench3, Bench4, Bench6, Y100, Bench8, Bench11, Bench11Q

Product accessories list (pdf)