Flooring Fitting Kit 12 Pieces

200.jpgIt consists of the assembly profile 300mm, floor clamp 285mm and 10 pieces of assembly wed-ges.





Flooring Pull Bar

200-1.jpgFor floating floor assembly, made of pulverized varnished steel.





Floor Knocking Block

201.jpgThe assembly profile is used for the assembly of all types of floating floors. It is made of hardwood and it has four different profiles - see photo.



Floor Fitting Wedges

82-57XX.jpgThe wedges are made of hardwood, always cut in the direction of the material fibers, in fol-lowing : 57 x 34 x 2/7 mm, 57 x 34 x 5/10 mm, 57 x 34 x 5/15 mm.