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PINIE Lubná, spol. s r.o.

Since its establishment in 2000 the company Pinie Lubná, Ltd. has focused on the production and sale of Pinie® brand wooden joinery tools. The brand along with the respective technology and dry wood supplies was purchased in 2000 from the company Pinie Čistá, Ltd.The history of the Pinie® brand goes back to the year 1918. Initially, wooden handles were manufactured under the brand, and in 1932, the production of woodworking planes was launched. To this day, wooden planes represent the core of the company’s production.

At present, our company has 23 permanent employees and it manufactures more than 500 different products for wholesale, retail and end users. Our production line mainly includes joinery tools, joinery and locksmith work tables and work benches as well as connective material. Pinie® products meets the highest quality criteria.

Every year we attend international fairs and exhibitions around the world. At the traditional fair Practical World in Cologne we regularly have one of the largest stands in the business. We have also become participants in the Mitex fair in Moscow. At every fair we present a number of new products from our business.

We supply practical and high quality products at an affordable price to our customers from around the world. Our products are manufactured in the company‘s facilities from high quality Czech wood. Every item is subject to careful control, from the purchasing of raw materials to the packing and shipping of goods.

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